Trade Show Training

Trade shows are an established and powerful marketing and sales tool in industry. The trade show is the pinnacle of corporate communications. Exhibitors invest a lot of time, money, and thought into their corporate presentation. The final factor to a successful trade show: the TEAM. This mixed team of experts made up of sales reps, engineers, inside sales, and executives from Germany and abroad will decide whether visitors leave with a smile on their face or shaking their heads at the sad state of affairs.
The team makes the difference. Always. Everywhere. Prepared. Trained.
And in addition to professional expertise and knowing your products, the team needs to know how to use TRADE SHOWS properly and how to act optimally as a team.

  • Personal appearance. The individual contribution.
  • Energetic team spirit. Inspiring cooperation.
  • Visitor-oriented coverage. Charming hosts.
  • Casting a spell – the magic of customer enthusiasm.
  • Wirkungsvolle Kommunikation. Straight to the point.
  • Lasting impressions. Concentrated endurance.

The challenges of trade shows are more or less the same across all industries and in all companies. The conditions vary.
Trade show training from Anna Esche is free from routines. The training sessions are always tailored to your needs and linked to industry-relevant content. Participants benefit from practical, mental preparation for this particularly challenging mission.