Seminars and Events

Large SMEs. International corporations. Brand management worldwide. Sales meetings. Marketing meetings. These kinds of events are often about the big picture or defining a new strategy for strong market communication. In connection with trade shows as international sector highlights.

So: ideas and inspiration for all. Reconceived. What is your theme?

A title & choice of topics for your presentation with Anna Esche
  • The trade shows of old are dead. Long live the trade show.
  • Touchpoint trade show. The visitor experience with added value on the spot.
  • Consistent touchpoint management in trade show communication.
  • Best practices & trends in event communication.
  • My personality in the MICE world.
  • Architecture for spatial communication.
  • Human relations: the effective power of the trade show team.
  • “How may I help you?” And then what…?
  • Success factors for international trade show management.


“Facts speak louder than words. So, the fact that we have been working successfully with Anna-Katharina Esche from fairconcept GmbH since 2009, that we have repeatedly booked her for lectures, the fact that our participants then book her for their own in-house training events, that she is an exceptionally competent speaker who knows how to deliver her presentations in a practical manner that is specific to her audience each and every time.  With her open, friendly, and appreciative manner she also wins over her audience. That’s why we’re going to keep on working with her.”

— Ute  Wanschura, BSW – Bundesverband Schwimmbad & Wellness e.V.


“…  Since 2011,  Anna-Katharina Esche has been our go-to consultant for specialised presentations about the trade show industry. She helps introduce the next generation to this industry’s issues with charm and real expertise. Skilful, easy-going, and confident, she grabs the audience’s attention. Her presentations are varied and interesting and topped off with a touch of humour that keeps everyone listening. We would like to thank Ms Esche for her successful presentations and are happy to recommend her as a speaker.”

— Dr. Peter Neven und Bettina Rosenbach , AUMA – Association of the German Trade Fair Industry













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